9 weeks today

Hi to everyone, I am really pleased with myself 9 weeks today. And no cravings just the odd thought of fags. I have been really good not to just eat anything inbetween meals like chocolate but saying that i did get the munchies the other night and eat 2 cakes and 2 small bars of chocolate, it was worth having though. I do enjoy food a lot more now taste is great. I have noticed some weight around my middle but i am tall not that noticeable only by me. My skin feels feels fab and my hair is not dull anymore and dry and smelly. I feel good. But i still get moody on ocassions noticed by my hub. But at least i dont smell of fags unlike my hub who smokes outside of course. I am enjoying being SMOKEFREE. Hope you all are doing well on your quit.

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  • Hi Fleetwood,

    Great to hear you have a smoke-free nine weeks behind you, and a lifetime in front!!!

    Excellent job. Keep it up!


  • Well done Fleetwood great achievement. My hubbie still smokes as well outside only though, he never thought I could do it, and he was always the one saying we both should give up!

    congrats Maria.x:)

  • Thanks Alex and BB and well done to both of you.

  • Hmm? so you think 9 weeks is some great fantastic achievement do you?


    Well done.


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