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day 53

Im on day 53 and past few days ive really been struggling with all the thoughts of going back to smoking

Today I was walking round a market when I spoted an e-cig and thought umm maybe they will help me, I remembered in a past quit they helped. so I brought one, yet so far all they have done is made me feel light headed and gave me a headache :(

Silly me now I have wasted money and put nicotine back into my system :( when will I learn

I know I maybe could work past that feeling and maybe they would work then. I dunno was wondering whats your views on e-cigs?

Ace xx

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My view on e-cigs is that they are a gimmick, and a dangerous one at that, as you have just learned. Hopefully you can put the experience behind you and get on with your excellent quit!



Hi Ace

This link was posted about a month ago by Austinlegro about e-cigs.

Congratulations on the length of your quit. Great stuff!


thanks everyone

Woke up this morning thought I would give the ecig one last go seeming as its a new day I thought maybe it might get new results.......Nope failed again this time it made my breathing a little harder and little heavy chested. So now im happy to say no more e-cig for me. There really is no substitue for cigarettes!

All the symtoms I have had, cigarettes would also have gave me.

So now I remember what they felt like and that I just forgot what I was giving up.

So here I am cold turkey again determind to stay on my quit :)

I will get through my moods knowing smoking is not the answer

Ace x


Grrrrrrrrrrr Ace, you & me, you & me. Quit wise I mean lol. You have done brillinatly this time. Deep breathe, chest out, head held high, you are gonna do it. There is no substitute for a fag or the hellish things it does to you. I feel like all those fags are sucking the life out of me right now. yes, I am older than you, better better placed to tell you what smoking for another 20 years will do. You wanna get up the stairs in your house struggling for breathe? NO. Wanna get out of a hot bath/shower struggling for breathe? No. The slightest exertion, struggling for beathe? NO. Feeling like you have to sit down all the time? NO.

Stick with it Ace, I am willing you along. Beleive me all those things above don't sound much till you are are gasping for breathe then then do so DON'T. Get there ok.

Loves ya. Mummy neverstoptrying. xxxx


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