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Day 1 Week 2

:oHi Everyone,

Well after getting over my shock of weighting myself last night and realising I have gained 5lbs in my first week of quitting, I am still not smoking. How good am I ?????

Instead of eating sugerfree mints and lolly's I have now bought loads of fruit ie grapes, banana's strawberrys so that hopefully will keep me from raiding the fridge and buscuit tin which I have obviously done loads more of without even realising it.

I have decided to cut my champix dose down from two tablets a day to one because I seem to be over the worst of the cravings so I will see how that goes. I dont really want to be on them too long anyway, This will be my 3rd week on them and if I cut it down to one a day the nausea might ease abit as well. I dont think I could have intially done it without them though.

I was thinking today while I was on my day off, I went out in the car (I didnt ever smoke in my car), Tesco (cant smoke) Cafe (cant smoke) Next (cant smoke) (boots) cant smoke, my point is "how did I fit in smoking" you cant smoke anywhere and unless you want soaked with rain and blown away with the wind that is the smokers option's now.

I definately think because of the smoking ban it is easier to do this, if people are smoking where ever you are I think I would be so much harder.

So for today I am remaining postitive because I havent went out and bought a packet of ciggies and said "stuff this" because I have gained weight (so felt like it last night though on the damn scales) My jeans are defo tighter, my tummy is sticking out more as well but I feel I have came this far and can't give up my quit just because I have not noticed me stuffing my face with the wrong things sooner.

Hope you are all doing ok today.

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Yay Linda, good for you.

Your weight will soon settle down and you have switched your foods early on in your quit which can't fail to help.

A smoker can always find time to smoke whatever the weather but it does make you wonder doesn't it. You don't need to worry about that ever again now though ;)

Gaynor x


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