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start of week 6

Hi to everyone hope you are all doing well. I think week 5 was a true humdinger gloomy moody Mrs Snappy. I know that we all get them and i expect il see a few more like that. How do i feel today well hub called me spikey and that made me moody so i decided to do some gardening which helped alot. I see that most people use NRT for the first week and then go CT . I myself am on nicotinel lozenge once again i know we are all different and need different things. I have a friend who packed up fags 3years ago but is still on lozengers i hope i dont end up relying on them. I do find that they are good though for taking the edge of a craving. I just so want to get past 3months and im not even past 2months yet. Eager beaver am i not. Last cig 28\2\2011

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hey fleetwood,

I also quit on 28/2/2011 and week five was the worst for me as well!

I was very moody, (or so I was told:rolleyes:)

well done for getting to week 6 im sure you feel as proud of yourself as I feel of myself.


Me too!!!!


I quit on 24th Feb 2011 and am so proud that I'm still quit!!

Did a brave thing on thurs... didnt replace my patch in the morning but kept the old one on, and then took it off at 6pm. Friday I felt terrible, Sat I felt bad, and Sunday I felt normal again!! I read the page that people have links to and thought I'd crash my way through the 72 hour detox...and i feel brill for it!!

Thought I'd share it with you!! Congrats on quitting for 6 weeks you two!! Get off the NRT, you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

jo x x


Im not quitting the lozengers yet

Thanks for the replys. Hi Weezie good to know that you quit the same day as myself and yes i am proud and hope you are to in getting to week 6. Well done.


Well done fleet and all of you! Six weeks with no fags - hope you feel really proud, because you should, crappy moods notwithstanding!

Onwards and upwards!



Feel prickly spikey irratible

Thanks Helsbells but today i am not on top of the world the sun is out but i cannot seem to get the positiveness back i keep thinking about the fags...not good i know. Wouldnt it be great if they smelt a whole lot better and didnt give you bad illnesses if they tasted of parma violets i would never give them up. Oh dear just dreaming again. But i do feel terrible anxious and just plain shitty. I have even been doing voluntary as well. I think i will listen to alan carrs books just to get back my postitiveness. But you have done very well do you ever get cravings . Anyway thanks for reading if u do. Jacqui


Hi Jacqui

Good to read that you have come this far, the best advice I can give at this point is read, read, read.

Read posts from other members who are ahead of you so that you know what to expect going forward, this may help to eliminate surprises which the ol' nicodemon will try to use to derail your quit.

Read the links in members signatures which will help re-inforce your quit and take your mind of your craves.

Also posting on this site helps, again by taking your mind off of things.

In answer to your question about cravings, the answer for me is no. Now that may not be the same for everyone, and one of the 1st things to understand is what a crave actually is and to not confuse it with something else. I think a member here refers to it as HALT (Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, Tiredness). They have a link in their signature to more info.

I am sorry but I can't remember which member it is, although I am sure someone will be along soon to remind me and tell you.

Keep up the good work.........I promise you it gets easier as time goes by, just don't let your guard down or that nicodemon will try to edge his way back into your life!!


want a fag

morning to all of you. Why do i want a fag well alot of reasons really. 1) im bored. 2) my hub stays up all night 3) he is depressing me. 4) lost the will to ... Carry on. J


not had one

Thanks Karri yes it was a bit silly not putting as new thread . I havent had one. But unfortumately yes my hub is like that since he lost his job 3year ago. And i dont work due to illness. Times like this are stressy. Sorry for ranting. Il get there . Jacqui


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