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craving out of nowhere

so i have just gotten back from a weekend of visiting my cousin in college about 2 hours away. i went with my uncle, aunt, other cousin & my son. i drank a little last nite and really had a good time with them. i have to admit how much i loved the freedom of not smoking...none of them smoke so they are easy to be around...they said they are so happy for me that i quit!

so now i wanna know why i felt like i wanted a smoke??? this makes no sense to me:confused: nothing upset me or stressed me ...this is the 2nd time i have drank a bit since i quit...and the first time i had smokers around me at a bar and i found it not as difficult!!

well any way i have been quit for 3 months now and i really am happy and so proud of myself and so greatful to all of you who have helped me along the way...i wish everyone success in this quest to quit!!

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Glad you had such a good weekend!

The crave. Could it be because in the past as soon as you've left the company of non-smokers you've reached for those cigarettes and smoked?

I'm not as far into my quit as you by a long way, but had a similar thing when I'd been with no smokers all day, not even thought about smoking and then the minute I left them WHAM! Huge craving from nowhere! The only thing I could put mine down to was that was what I would have done in the past - grabbed a cigarette and smoked my head off!

Well one for NOT smoking though and brilliant that you're at 3 months!


i get the odd time like that when it comes out of nowhere

on saturday i had just finished work and was walking to my car and it just popped into my head 'will have a nice cigarette while i drive home' and then i thought NO you dont smoke anymore where did that come from it was like i had totally forgot i had quit, it made my heart skip a beat when it happened

i had the same thing happen a few weeks ago when we were eating a take out meal

i think its our nicodemon who is sat in the pit of our stomach very very weak and almost dead and he has this last little bit of energy to flick an idea into our thoughts in the hope we will act on it and give him the smoke and nicotine he desparately craves, well i say nice try mr nicodemon i aint falling for your pathetic tricks i am stronger than u and u are not getting what u want so HA


I wouldn't spend too much effort αnαlysing it. There will be triggers all the time. Early in our quits they seem to present themselves as a need to smoke and they have to be beaten back with a hefty club.

Later in your quit they become a source of amusement as you find yourself stood in a queue for fags despite having been quit three years.

The brain is a stunningly complex piece of kit and does the oddest things.

All you need to remember is that thinking about smoking is not the same as wanting to smoke. ;)


Oh I've had several moments like that. I find it's in slightly unusual situations now, as I'm getting used to my regular days without cigs. When they hit they can be a bit 'wooooooooohhhhhh, that's a biggie!'. BUT (and it's a big but) we've beaten so many craves before, at this stage, we know we can get through them. Just have to be a bit on our toes.

Three months, eh? We should be soooo proud.

H xx


I get that too and Im in my fourth month now, had one this morning, after coming this far though it would take a lot more than a little craving to make me relapse. I just took some deep breaths and drank some water and it soon passed.


thanks all! i know that i wont smoke its just dont like this "i wanna smoke" feeling but i know it will pass! it was a practice for my real vacation. will be going for a 12 day vacation on april sure i wont cave just worried abt the craves! ill make it though :)


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