No Smoking Day
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Only 10 days left to post in here!!!

:p :p :p IT's ME WOO HOO Hello!!!!!!!

Not sure who is left to remember me now but I'm here and I am 10 days away from the penthouse WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I never thought I would be writing that IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!

I had a moment of weakness in Sept and had one ciggie .. then one more the following week .. then I decided I just wasn't going down that roasd again and I never had another one!!! I hope that doesn't make me exempt from a year quit though!!!! I would say it shows those starting on their quit that a moment of weakness doesn't have to mean failure .... however, I was pretty far into my quit so had far too much to lose to start again. Don't let my weakness be your excuse :eek:

It has been the toughest toughest year and the hardest thing I have ever done ... and it is a journey I am still travelling and trying to be the BOSS!! Be prepared IT ISN'T EASY .. but it is WORTH IT x

WOO HOO GET ME .... 18 years smoking .. nearly one year quit.

Thank you so much to this forum ... I COULD NOT have survived the early months without this support and distraction.


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Really good to hear from you Jodie :)

10 days till penthouse fodder?!?! Wow, well done you :cool:

Blips when learnt from are useful. I had a half rollie blip at approx 9 months and never again. A lesson well learnt, as was yours.

I'll keep the celebratory bottle chilling for you .,..... see you very soon :cool:

Pol x

(also in Glos)


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