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New Forum Day 8 - In your FACE Nicodemon

Now this itself is a milestone... onto a new forum - into the 2nd week... Cold Turkey has worked so far and I am actually starting to test myself by actively encouraging my thoughts to go to cigs... Result for me as I no longer feel the same way about them. I dont 'love' them any more in fact I am getting less fond of them day by day. I was in bed this morning and the guy next door must have gone outside for a cig. The smelll was disgusting and seemed to permate into my curtains...yuck ( did I used to do the same to neighbours on the other side? )

There was also a stage last week when I was actually watering at the mouth thinking about them...did I REALLY do that?

So £56 saved so far... but its more than that... it is the feeling of control xx:rolleyes:

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Very well done Nikki

Your doing fab and sound on top form with the very best mind set.xxxxxx


Well done Nikki. Its a great feeling to move up the boards.

It's a horrid smell isn't it, smoke. I get some things delivered by next. When I open my parcels they stink of smoke. I did think of complaining when I first noticed it but then I remember that I used to smoke so can't complain of others doing it.

Stay stong and keep posting and reading.



Well done Nikki, you go girl :D

I am in the process of washing everything to get rid of the smell. Every day clothes where fine obviously but things like coats etc not so. Everything will soon be smelling super sweet just like moi :p

Gaynor x


Way to go! I need to start thinking the same way about the cigs - not happening for me so far, still missing them.

But you give me hope!


Well done week 2 woohoooo! Feels good to count in weeks:D

Im the same its more of the feeling of being free from being controlled rather than the money.Though the money is good too:D

Stay strong and show that nicodemon whos boss:cool:

and never doubt your dicission

Ace x


Well done! I'll be joining you tomorrow.

With the money situation, I found that if I got fags I'd often pick up a soft drink, a snack etc., so without going to the shops as often it isn't just money saved on fags.


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