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my day 2

hi my names lewis and im 20 from wales. all my life I have been sporty. when i was 17 mondays were weights and squash,tuesday 5 a side football, wednesday rugby training, thursday squash and weights again friday jog saturday for me was rugby and sunday time off of course. Problem is I had smoked since i was 14 and id always been fit whilst being a smoker (obviously no smoker is fit but you all get what i mean!). Anyway school finishes, youth rugby ends , people go to university move away for jobs etc and all of a sudden i wasnt playing any sport and i wasnt very fit. I got a job in a kebab shop and i was putting on weight whilst still being a smoker. back in august i was 20 (i still am 20) about to go to university I was on £130 a week (which woudlve been amazing to save for university) and the biggest chunk of this £130 a week would go on cigs. The other thing about this is i love sport and i tried to start playing rugby after a year out and it was so difficult to breathe i felt like i was going to pass out once from a lack of breathing and that made me very upset. I cant play sport at this moment in time. Back in novemeber aswell i was having a drink one night and all of a sudden i was struggling to breathe from just sitting down and i went to hospital just to get it checked out. Id worked out id smoked 30 in about 15 hours. It's so weird i know theres nothing wrong with me but i keep thinking there is which makes my heart beat faster and because it happned when i was having a drink i feel weird and cant enjoy drinking anymore. smoking has ruined my life so im going to beat it. Last sunday night after channel 4's nfl game i smoked my last cig. I am going to get fit and play sport again and with this forums help i wont smoke again!.

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