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Quit Smoking Tips

I want to share something not as a smoker or quitter. But as a person who helped a few of my friends and students quit, even after trying to quit many times and many methods and failed.

Two big lies that keep most smokers from quitting are:

1. Quitting is hard

2. You need strong willpower to quit.

you will not be able to quit until you get rid of those two lies.

The tobacco industry and quit smoking gurus would love you to belief the first one, so you remain a smoker. If you are not really committed to quiting, that is a great excuse.

Willpower is the last thing you can expect from a smoker.

As long as a person belief in these two lies he will not be able to quit. The moment he is able to change his belief system, quitting will be effortless and automatic.

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Sounds like another scam just to make money


Sounds like another scam just to make money

Hi Ace_Wisdom Thanks for watching out for scams. But when I give out a one on one session FREE for people to try and find out for themselves first hand whether it works for them or not, how can I scam them?


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