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Who would have thought it

Another Monday, another milestone :p

Who would have thought that I would be passed the third week mark and into the month 1 group....feels very surreal. :confused: What feels even more surreal is that I don't actually feel like a smoker anymore (and I know some smart alec is gonna say, that's cos you're not), but when i have quit before, have always felt like a smoker, who was just not smoking! Even went to a party on Saturday night, drank lots and didn't even have one crave. I didn't miss or envy popping outside in the freezing cold and coming back stinking to high-heaven - just enjoyed myself and got on with being sociable....

It feels very odd!! :confused:

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Ooooooh Embo

A Very big well done from me. You have done so well and now your in month 1. Give yourself a BIG PAT ON THE BACK :)

As for the changed feelings that now u actually feel like your not a smoker i can agree. I think we all feel differently about our quits now but just dont let your guard down cos nasty nic still lurks about.

Good luck.



Congrats! It is a great feeling isn't it?

It is great that so many of us have managed to get so far, I am sure the mutual support on here is a massive factor.


Well done embo :D

I know exactly what you mean. I don't feel like a smoker anymore either. I have also always felt like a smoker just not smoking before. This time though, I don't feel like that. Pehaps it is the realisation that we are not giving up anything.

Sian x


Hey Embo

Welcome to the one month thread.

You are doing great, and are a big help and support to others, so a big well done to you. :D


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