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No Smoking Day
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Hello World Day 2 - A breath of fresh air

Hello Guys!

Firstly, I just want to thank you for being there. A BIG part of my motivation was to come back to this site and be in the quitters corner! I read a lot of posts when I first started taking Champix and got all worried about side efx etc and that started off my denial in a huge way... any way, long story short...

It's 05:50am on Monday 15 November 2010. I have already completed a tricky technical drawing, I've had a cup of coffee, some toast and downed the early champix friendly tab and ready to take on the day. Day 2 and a half to be exact!

Last night my wife commented on the amount of time she's seen me this weekend and she is really happy about that. I have been 'working' a lot over the past years in the garage where my office is. Truth is, it's my smoking den and on the odd chance I have to do some work, none of my family actually minds me bringing the laptop into the lounge (or bedroom) to do a little mail etc. I've been lying to myself and others - all for the priveledge of ruining my health, theirs, and my daughter's time with me in this life.

I can't believe I feel so good right now. I'm sure this white cloud will fade over time, but I can't believe I'd ever put one of those cigs into my mouth again under any circumstances! How could I have been so stupid for so long?

Anyhow, no time to moan. I feel great! I feel energetic! My fingers, hair and breath smell good! (Hey, I'd kiss me!)


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Hey World

Welcome to our world.

No fags, smell, lying, time in the garage, wasted money etc

Life is good !!!


Good Morning "Hello World"

I just read your post and wanted to add a Very Big Well Done to you, cos your on day 2 1/2 now and we are all very happy for you.

It does get easier, honestly. Just keep reminding yourself why you chose to stop and that now your a Non-Smoker and NOT ENVIOUS of those who smoke, not anymore.

Also never forget that just one is all it takes to undo all the good work so dont even go there, cos its not worth it.

Anyhow, enjoy the rest of the day and dont forget to keep posting and make up your own diary of your quit.



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