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My Anniversary


Thought I would post today as I wont get a chance tomorrow..Hope everyone is well and fit and smoke free:p

Well its my anniversary tomorrow 2 months off the the dreaded weed thats 60 days (ish) 1440 hours 86.400 thats 86 thousand four hundred minutes god that sounds a long time when you say it out loud ..well chuffed :D

Not saying it was easy.. but this is a major milestone for me at one point I didnt think I would make it :confused: It may sound corny but when I found this site it has helped me get over the real bad patches people have said on previous posts.. if you feel down or desperate its the best place to let of steam have a rant read up on other posts till the craving passes and it will !!! it just takes time..

Another thing that someone told me which I have written down and almost memorised is the following ...

Remember you quit smoking for a reason !!! Probably several.

Don't let time and distance from the habit cloud your thinking.

Keep your memory fresh by remembering your reasons for quitting often. They will never be less true as time goes by, but they can feel less urgent if you're not careful.;)

Not a truer word said ...well keep up the good work everyone and dont let it get to you!!! it does get easier thats for sure

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Hey Mr G

Fantastic work - congrats on your 2 months tomorrow!

Here's to another 2 and beyond!

Jane :)

Well done Mr G!! That's a fantastic achievement!!

I really like that quote you included in your post. We'd all do well to remember those wise words.

Mr G,

Congrats on the 60days, thats GREAT :)

Keep up the good work and before you know it you will be posting in the year then 2 etc etc.


Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Well done on getting 60 days :D


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