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Week 2

Hi folks,

Congrats on your no-smoking efforts - it's all good.

I found this website last week - I googled 'stop smoking - day 2' etc. as I distracted myself from smoking last week - thought I'd register and join properly for week 2 - and here I am, coming to the end of day 8.

I had my last smoke on 30th Oct, having turned 34 earlier that month, after a 17 year, 15/ day habit.

The app on my phone says that I am now 7.79 days smoke free, that I haven't smoked 117 fags, and have saved £35.

I'm using Niquitin CQ Lozenges - the 2mg ones, and I seem to be using about 9 a day. They are really good at preventing cravings, although I do feel quite anxious from time to time - not specifically craving for smokes, but a strange nervous feeling - it's not pleasant, but certainly not intolerable - I look forward to posting on week 3, 4 and all the milestones thereafter.

I've tried quitting before - half heartedly, mostly trying to please others, but this time it's all for myself, it felt the right time to do so - all through September and October smoking just seemed to annoy me, and as I thought about it, it seemed quite disgusting, so I bought a shed load of lozenges, and waited until halloween - my quit day!!

Good luck to all


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Right on AntGreen!!

I think you are in the right mind set to be able to do this for YOU :)

I had similar thoughts about quitting, only in fast motion. Didn't really plan on quitting as I had tried before, numerous times and failed miserably, usually on day 2 or 3, hehe....

Then, all of a sudden, this time it felt right and without having thought about it before, I just decided, that's the last one and I won't buy any more. So far so good. Not easy at times, but easier than I would have anticipated it to be.

Coming here helps A LOT!!


Well done antgreen nearly 8 days already - youre over the biggest hurdle!!! :)

Quitting for yourself is the best thing to you. like you i've tried to quit for the wrong reasons in the past and it doesnt work. I think your mind lets you know when youre ready to stop. Some people slowly develop a repulsion to everything about smoking (like you and me) and others just wake up in the mood to quit and decide spontaneously (like Notme did) But either way you can feel in your heart that its time to stop!!!

Two months before i quit i stopped smoking whilst i was at work and would just smoke on a evening. i tried using lorenges when i was at work but found that they made my heart race abit and i felt very anxious. however i do find lorenges are better at relieving nicotine cravings. Now i'm on patches but have a large supply of chocolate for emergency cravings.

If you are happy with lorenges stick with them - if not mix them with patches or the inhaler. it's about finding what works best for you. youre doing really well though.

Keep going - you are stronger than a little white stick!!!!

You thought about joining October quit group - we all help each other out and can succeed as part of a team.


Hi and welcome Ant :)

Well done on reaching day 8!!

It takes a few tries of quitting before you succeed, (im on my 8th attempt)

With your positive attitude this time around this WILL be your winning one.

Feel free to ask questions, give advice and have a good old rant if need be..

We are all in this together, thats what makes this place the best place to be :D

Snowie x


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