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No Smoking Day
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Using NRT occasionally?

I have read a few folks who are using gum or tabs occasionally when it just gets too much.

Am I wrong in my thinking that this far in it would be re-introducing nicotine into your system.

This is not criticizing anyone, just asking the question?

And if the answer is favourable I have a cupboard full of NRT products.

And some HRT too if Im honest :D

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I was wondering the same thing the other day.

But seriously, even JUST NOW that I am inside a SUPER HYPE crave, I don't think its the nicotine that I crave, it is the act of smoking and everything that relates to it :)


I honestly don't know. I wouldn't think sucking a lozenger or having gum would be wrong? or even using a patch, if you are having more bad days than good then maybe they'd help take the edge off. My patch fell off without me knowing the other day and I felt very "cravey" if that's a word! hence i know that i probably couldn't do it CT.


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