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6th Day

Hi Everyone,pleased to be on day 6 of not smoking! Day 5 was horrid as I had ran out of champix and could'nt collect my prescription,was waiting for a plumber who said he would be there first thing in the morning and he did`nt turn up till 2pm!Wanted to go buy cigs so bad and felt so angry at being housebound,poor hubby came in around 1pm and got the grief!I now believe that champix is helping as I was instantly calm after getting them from the chemist.Still lots of cravings but I am glad I have not given in.Still have this little voice telling me to just have 1 fly ciggie so I am glad to write my feelings down here and try and resist.

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Hi Crystal

Well done on not giving in and getting to day 6. Your doing so well so make sure you keep it up, dont let that nasty nicodemon get to you cos your better than that.

Good luck hun and do keep posting. lol


Hi Jo,thanks feeling okay and munching my way through spicy chilli peanuts! Feel better at night time than through the day for some reason,probably cause I can`t be tempted and run to the shop in my pyjamas! x


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