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No Smoking Day
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Last day in 3 wks and had best but worst morning

Wow this morning has been long at it is only 10am lol

Left the house at 7:30 (would normally leave at 08:15) this morning to take DD to school as hubby called to say traffic was really bad as M1 closed.

Well I got back home 15 mins ago from school run. There has been so many accidents round here today it's unreal, all as a backlash of the M1 accident.

Best thing is, a month ago I would have been going mad for a smoke. I would have ended up stopping at a shop to buy some and then standing outside the car to have one (didn't smoke in my car with the kids) but, this morning I didn't even think about it. Didn't have a crave, even when I came across a really stupid lorry driver down the lanes which are much too small for him to be there, idiot. I did swear at him but I didn't want to smoke lol.

So although a rubbish 2 hours for driving, a major step for not smoking:D

S xx

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Fantastic Sian!!! That's absolutely brilliant!!! You got through a major stressor without smoking or even thinking about it!! So, so pleased for you!! :):cool:.

Ed xx


Well done Sian!

Isn't it great when you find yourself in a situation when you'd ususally have had a ciggie and then realised afterwards that it hadn't even crossed your mind to have one. I've done it myself a couple of times. It's great that your mind is adjusting to that of a none smoker! (sorry about your crappy morning though!)


Sian that is brilliant. It's a great feeling isn't it, something different comes along and we don't get all rattled up craving a cigarette. You must feel really chuffed, as though you've really turned a corner.

Really pleased for you,

Lorraine :)


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