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a loyal luker decided to register


Right, I never do anything that is percieved as reasonable lol.

I decided to join after realizing I haven't registered, but quit smoking Aug. 15th 2010 and have been smoke free and breathing ever since. (not even one puff - go me lol)

I rarely have a lot to say but have enjoyed reading and reading all the posts that I've "needed" and related to.

Thanks for the help you all have provided durring my quit, especially the very early days!

Anyway, nice to meet you all.


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Nice to meet you too CC.

Everybody gets different things from this forum, doesn't matter how it works for you, as long as it works.

Congratulations on your quit, perhaps you will post from time to time to let people know how you're doing. I remember when I was just setting out, what was always comforting was reading about people who were happy, comfortable and doing well, up alongside those who were having more trouble, at least it gave some light at the end of the tunnel.

Best wishes,

Lorraine :)


Thank you Lorraine, for the warm welcome .

You're right, everyone is different, and like you, I tend to find myself looking at posts of all sorts, i.e, those that are having simular problems as well as reading those that seem to be successful. All of them have been excellent help to me.

I'll try and be a bit more talkative just never sure what to post really. I mean, it's difficult some days, and most others life is fine. I suppose one day I won't even think about smoking at all, but for now I do occasionally and it's nice to come here where others are just like me. :-D



Morning CC welcome to the forum and I hope that this site will give you as much support and reasons for continuing your quit as it has for me, glad you are feeling so good and that you are now 2 months down the Smoke Free Road.

Remember that no matter where you are in your quit and no matter how good or bad you feel we are all here for you and to make it even better we are all going through the same thing.

At least if you want to moan we will all understand where you are coming from and either moan with you or make you laugh to distract your from you woes.

Quitting sure aint easy, but like I say every time (well nearly) it is so worth it.


Hiya CC and welcome to the forums. Well done on your quit so far - nice one :)

The forum is a great help as we are all sharing similiar experiences and whilst we or might go about it differently, ulimately we all have the same goal which is not to be a salve to nicotine.

Post and let us know how you are getting along and feel free to come along and join Team 8 - 9 - 10. Which is the group set up for those who quit in August and September 2010. Working your way to the penthouse with a group of people who have quit around the same time as you will spur you on. Anyway if you want to we would be glad to have you with us :)

Good luck

Tinks xx


Thanks Jamangie and Tinkerbell... love that quote Tinkerbell, I hate it when milk comes out of my nose too LOL

Seriously, thanks for the welcome and supportive, kind words.

I'm making more of an effort to try to be vocal :-) I even managed to navigate my way to joining Team 8-9-10! Yay me! lol



How you doing CC are you still lurking?

Yeah I like to quote to, I'm a bit daft and dippy at times but in my opinion a day without laughter is a day wasted!



Hey Tinks,

Still around :-) I've managed a full 12 weeks now and plugging along. Last month had it's trials and tribulations but still smoke free.

How're you getting on?

I managed to get into the group the 8-9-10 team. I still end up lurking out here mostly lol

Keep breathing that fresh air for your lungs, I will too :-)



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