No Smoking Day
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Reasons: your positive changes after quitting?

Best changes for me:

- I love going to elevators now that I don't smell :)

- I can run for 30 min without.. well I CAN run 30 min!!!

- My hands are not like dead fish anymore

- I don't have to worry if I have enough cigarettes or a lighter with me

How about you? :p


1st day of my new life 2nd September 2010

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Like the idea of this post savuton - it can help keep us focused when times are difficult. Positive changes:

- my car doesn't smell of smoke anymore

- I don't have to huddle in the rain to have a ciggarette

- Nicer teeth already and I want to look after them more now

- don't have a panic attack because I have ran out of fags or lighter isn't working

- get more work/things done

- don't feel controlled

- attitude change like I can do anything

- more money - I have been able to treat myself to a facial and hair colour/cut (would not have been able to have done this if I was still smoking)

- don't have a tight chest when I wake in the morning

- don't cough up yukie stuff as soon as I get up (sorry guys) :o

I'm sure as time goes on there will be more things.

Thanks for this savuton :p


I love this thread!!

-i dont smell

-i dont worry about walking down the street and accidently blowing it in someones face

-i have loads more time (its amazing how much time it took to roll 20-25 ciggies a day, and smoke them!)

-i can breathe!!!

-i can taste food like NEVER before (i always thought this was a minor improvement, but its been a HUGE one..i am eating foods that i never even thought i liked!!)

-i am proud of myself

-i am thinking more and more about being healthy in other areas of my life (eating very healthy and starting running)

-i dont have the stress of being able to afford ciggies/rizlas/filters when i am skint!

-my kids are proud of me, and tell EVERYONE

- whiter teeth

-fresher breath

- i can play footie for a whole hour with the kids!!

-my house and car (and me) doesnt smell!

I am sure i have loads more that i will add!


I am going to be perfectly honest and say that this is something I will have to think about as I don’t have tons more money since I quit as friends always brought tobacco back for me from abroad, I didn’t cough so that’s not something I have got rid of, I didn’t wheeze either so up too now this is all sounding a little scary, eeek why did I quit.

Right some pluses are that I know I smell nice all the time and that my OH hasn’t got to put up with the smell of fags on me all the time, also the car smells really good now as well, as for worrying when I could have a cig that also wasn’t a problem as I knew that eventually I would get one sooner or later.

Have just thought of a couple more pluses, I hopefully want drown in my own body fluids which is what happens when you get lung cancer, I want poison my OH via passive smoking, and I want ruin any more clothes dropping hot ciggie ends onto them.

So although I probably sound like I haven’t had that many good things happen since quitting but I promise I have, just stopping has been a massive boost to my self esteem, so no matter how many or how few bonuses it doesn’t matter cause its always worth quitting I promise even if just for your long term health benefits.



- I haven't burned a single hair trying to light up in the wind on my way to work

- I don't feel guilty about throwing fag ends to drains when ashtrays are not around

- No need to smell the horrid pack when you hide the fag end there until finding a bin

- My hart pulse was normal when I arrived to work

- I found my self feeling sorry for those who smoke and don't know how GREAT it feels not to!



Excellent my kinda thread. ;) positive changes for me.

Financially better off.

Much nicer for the kiddies when they cuddle me.

Pink fingers rather than yellow ones that smell.

Not telling anyone to bugger off coz i'm having a fag.

Not ignoring my duties coz i'm having a fag.

Not being selfish by smoking near others.

Not wondering when my next fag will be.

A new feeling of freedom.

Being able to breathe so much better.

No more coughing everyday.

No more having to clear my throat mid sentance.

No heavy yukky chesty feeling in the mornings.

Feeling GREAT in the morning.

Feeling like a good person & attracting healthy people too me.

My skin is younger, clearer & fresh looking.

My hair always smells yummy lol.

I have loads more energy.

I can run 3x a week.

I can enjoy the warmth rather than leave people to stand in the rain & cold.

Clean smoke free house & clothes

I stand a much better chance of having a healthy old age.




All of the above.

Oh... and I've never been happier :)


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