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Day 2 - New user - Ulysse78 - hello y'all

Just registered and thought I'ld wade in. Hello everyone. I hope your all doing well with your decision to quit. Umpteenth time for quitting, but feel ready and right about it. Which is just as well as I feel so depressed it's unbelieveable. But worth it.

Don't actually crave a cigarette, but would love to rid myself of these symptons. Just got to sit this out I guess. Maybe I shall rip someone's head off, but have heard there may be legal and stain removal ramifications.

I will feel full of energy soon - I have more breath already ( riding the bike this am was easier) my singing voice has improved - I won't be feeling full of anxiety all of the time, easier on my wallet, better health and glow etc etc


All the best people

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Good on you Ulysse (good name, reason?)

Day 2 for me was a mental fog and hard work, keep going, things level out quickly and as you've already noticed your breathing is easier.

Check out the whyquit link in my sig. Somewhere over there is a list of what happens "over the recovery time" from smoking it's amazing what changes in the first few days, really motivating.

Would also jot down your reasons for quitting and perhaps keep a mood diary to refer back to as you quit, again these can be motivational and helped me.



Hi Ulysess

welcome, nice to hear you.

well done on your day 2, the forum will help you

money, health white teeth.....&no early wrinkles :D

good luck :)


Thanks Guys

Hi Mah, Hi Kitkat 72 - yes thankyou for the welcome - the recovery health improvements are indeed motivating. This would count as day three, and I am much calmer today - must be careful to avoid my triggers - had a coffee this morning, and was close to asking a colleague for a cigarette, but I think the difference this time is that I REALLY want to quit, rather than feel that I should, so that makes the pangs much more bearable. Not drinking alcohol, another trigger - coffee and alcohol - the terrible twosome, and a full stomach as well. I'm using the "let it pass" technique for the pangs, and giving myself a pat on the back everynow and then, while remembering all the horrible consequences long and short term of smoking. Have some nicitorette gum on hand - only have had one tab, have found it keeps it stops me wanting a cig in the past, so will be good in a crisis - so I can keep weakening the association with cigarettes. Am aware of the debate around substitutes, but so far, have hardly used them, and I'll use whatever I can to break the habit. Feeling nonchalent - didn't even think of a cigarette this morning ( average - 5-10 a day ) so that's good.

Anyway, glad that I'm out of the hellish bi polar mentallness:eek: - respect the fact that I must remain vigilante. Am enjoying my lowered heart rate and improved concentration + sense of generak well-being - anxiety free....

Oh yeah - Ulysses : my favourite figure from myth - 78, my birth year,

This forum - a great resource and avenue of support - thanks once again guys



Hi Ulysses Welcome to the forum, sorry I didn’t respond yesterday but I have just come back from Hols and trying to get back into the swing of site and I keep getting side tracked by washing and ironing its not good enough that every day things get in the way is it !!!

Your depression sounds quite common for a lot of people when they first quit but should ease off eventually, but do seek medical advice if it lasts too long or gets worse.

The one thing I didn’t get was depression but I got most other things LOL after I quit I still get the days where I feel anxious but I try to let it wash over me and just ignore it,

though that’s not always easy and sometimes not possible.

Day three and you sound as if you have made a decision to quit not just thought yea will stop, I do think you have to want to stop to be able to quit permanently which is with the help of this forum what you are going to do.

Post often and come and tell us all when you feel good and bad we are all going down the same road and all need help to stay on course, take care and stay smoke free.


Thanks Jamangie


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