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No Smoking Day
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Makin it!!!!!!!!!!!!

:rolleyes: Nicotine lost! I won! Today it is 21 days since my last smoke. I had only one psychological craving in the morning 2 days ago, identified why, no big deal, and I'm moving on to week # four from my cold turkey quit. So happy about not always thinking about when I want to take a cigarette break!

Hi Fallen if you're around! Hope you and your family and horses are well! :)

Sincerely, Teresa xoxo

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CT and sounding good, how chuffed must you be for getting to week 4 and still feeling good, onwards and upwards as there is no where else to go that feels as good.


well done overit on your 21 days.. ..already in 3 weeks your losing the constant thinking about it .. just great :)


Thankyou so much you guys!

Chrissie V, I read, and read, and read, on the whyquit and freedom forum. It helped me so much. I had no idea what a hold nicotine had on me. NO IDEA! Until now. Holy.

Jamangie, yes I'm chuffed! (I'm from Vancouver B.C. but live in Austin TX right now.) I liked that. CHUFFED! And yes I am. You know, when I realized the nicotine life cycle so to speak, it made it easier to ride it out, knowing the physiological cravings would eventually pass. But the first week was hell. It really was. That was a validation for me, this was a real additiocn.

So, onwards on upwards! And I'm rewarding myself with a frozen yogurt and a movie. So much nicer to put in one's mouth than a "fag" huh!

Thankyou again, love, Teresa -xoxo-You guys are awesome. A great support.


Thankyou Kitkat72! Way to go to you too! I just looked at everybody's signatures, we're doing great! xoxo


Hi Teresa

Aw....i'm so pleased for you and thanks for remembering me! I know how important having the support is but it's so much nicer being able to give it back. :) (All is well thank you)

It sounds as if you have cracked it which is great stuff. Once you understand the seriousness of the addiction and how it tricks your mind, the easier it is to make a firm decision to end the addiction, put your seat belt on and ride it out good or bad but know the reward is MASSIVE!

A big well done to you and yeah i think you could just be over it. :D


Hi Fallen!Yeah, the education through reading, as well as understanding specifically what you just said, how the mind plays tricks on us with the addiction, makes my quit feel solid. I was ARMED. So many tools as well, I embraced a lot of craves the first 2 weeks, and that tool helped me beyond words.

I am overit! :D Thanks for stopping by!

I'll be back. Sincerely, Teresa :)


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