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whats the best way?????

ive been smoking 20 a day for about 13 years......i decided to give up on sunday after my usual morning ciggie............i put a patch on and went till mon morning then i had 2 and put another patch on.....this has carried on all week until this morning i havent had any i would usually have had my 2 just to get me through by really pleased with myself that i have only had 10 instead of 120 ....but i dont want to smoke anymore!!!!!! i think the patches are making me feel a little hard is cold turkey?..... how many of you have done it that way? not craving one at the mo but thats only because i feel sick.......thanks for any replies this is my first post ....xxxxxx

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Hey Shelley, nice to have another one :D

I also smoked for the same time as you and the same amount, I did try patches for a few days but they made my arms a dead weight so went down the cold turkey route. I could be wrong but you might be feeling sick because you are putting on patches and having occasional cigarettes, could be just a bit too much nicotene in your body, especially if you are on high dose patches!

Quitting is tough whether cold turkey or NRT, just depends on your mindset and whether you would feel more steady with NRT as it is a weaning process or whether you can tough out cold turkey, it is all over quicker cold turkey but there are as many side effects as benefits (for me anyway) and there are many times when you just feel so low but if you keep riding it out it really does get easier and easier, and thats coming from someone with very little willpower!

Eventually you will just feel and look so great and have saved so much money that hopefully you will never want to touch the filthy things again!

Good Luck whatever you decide, just read loads of info and I recommend snacking on something like snack a jacks to keep your blood sugar steady! Popcorn flavour highly recommended...............:D


thankyou shelly........amazing name took my patch off earlier and have been about 7 hours without it........please let me do it this time..... i just want to get this rubbish out of my system.......i have been reading lots which has def helped, but very scary xxxxxxxxxx


Hi Shelly, as you can see from my sig I went CT and dont think it was any worse than what you are going through, as shelly said its all in the mindset and I had decided that I was stopping and not going to smoke again so thats what I have done stopped, no way is easy but if you are dtermined then Im sure you will stay quit, read the water link in my sig it helped me, Im not saying that it will make it easier for you but I do know its a medical fact that when we stop smoking we cut back on liquids as it is a trigger for some of us and that can make you feel sick and headachy and energy less, want cost anything to try it so iced water sipped when craving and drink to help keep detox going, you are doing really well but agree that you are also taking in to much nicco with cigs and patches and maybe if you continue to smoke even 2 you will get back in the habit so give it ago with none and water and see how you feel, let us know.

Would also like to add that whatever way you and any one else chooses is the right way for them, so what ever gets you quit and staying quit go for it xx


I completely agree, get your mind ready to quit first and you'll be half way quit already. You need to educate yourself to stop smoking, if you don't then its too easy to cave in on a quit.

As for CT, as Shelley said, it's tough. BUT... IT IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Lots of us have done it and i'm sure all of us who have thought we never could. Use all the links in people signatures and learn about quitting. I did and i'm 100% sure that the information i learned helped me to stop.

As for my actual quit. I'm 7 weeks into cold turkey and really, i feel like a non smoker now. I feel like i can lead a normal life without any cigarettes at all. I have occasional cravings but they pass quickly. But as i said, it was tough to get here. The first 18 days of my quit were not very pleasant and i'll admit several of those days were horrendous. But we are all strong enough to beat this addiction, use the forum, use the advice given and accept every bit of help and encouragement offered to you. Everything here can only make you stronger, more determined and more likely to succeed.

There is no wrong way to quit. Find your way and good luck with it.


thankyou for the support everyone,...i had my last fag thurs morning and havent had one since ....i took my patch off yesterday because it made me feel so sick i have gone cold turkey for nearly 24 hours....:) im so pleased i know its gonna get harder but i really am determined....the morning is the hardest for me but ive just been reading is amazing how much time smoking takes up!xxxx


Hi Shelley,

Hope you are OK, so you haven't had a smoke since Thursday morning? That is amazing, how are you feeling?

Have you got lots to do to take your mind off it? A bit of exercise works a treat as well, get them endorphins going!

Why don't you put your next post into say (day 3), then everyone can see where you're at and you will also meet other people on the same day as you!

Loads of helpful people here Shelley you will be just fine, drop me a message if you need to rant I come on most days!

Good Luck XX


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