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No Smoking Day
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40 Days

Into my 40th day now and no problems so far. I still get cravings but nothing that i can't push to the back of my mind. I seem fine when i'm drinking which was always my biggest fear about quitting and I'm also fine when i'm around other smokers.

In short, i'm feeling pretty confident about quitting. A long way to go yet I know, but the hurdles i'm encountering now don't seem so high.

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Well done James. As you say, each hurdle jumped gives you more knowledge & strength to get over the next one. Your flying over them now :D



Hi james

40 days..wow ..Such a nice post to read too, I like the hurdles not as high part :D...a good way to look at it

well done james:)


Well done on your 40 days James - sounding strong :)

It's good when you know that being out and enjoying yourself isn't going to be the trigger you thought it was :D


Hi James, so glad you have made a great 40 day milestone, reading your thread you sound really up beat and happy so keep going forward and soon the craves will be hardly noticeable, nice to have you come on and keep us informed we love to hear from you and we all realised you are busy globetrotting LOL where are you now, don’t tell us if it’s to exotic or we will be jealous :D


Well done James!

Still plodding along one day behind you :)


That went quick, well done you! loving your positive attitude towards it. :)


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