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No Smoking Day
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2 Years

I celebrated two years last week. Its amazing to think I have made it!! I used Alan Carr's Easyway, which helped me massively, I did have some rocky patches over the first year, but I survived!!!! I even survived the breakup of my relationship without having one!!!!!

Good luck to everyone starting out on their journey. It really is worth it. Now it is so expensive to buy 20 I could never look at going back. I really dont know how someone can afford it!! If ever there was incentive to quit it would be saving £6.00+ a day

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a very well done on the 2 yr mark, it seems so far away for me:rolleyes: but I will get there. Here's to the next two years for you :D


Hi Cheeky , Massive congratulations for 2 years of being smoke free, that is absolutely fantastic. Thanx for dropping in on us and look forward to your 3 year post.

Regards Trev

quit 28th April 09

3 months patches

10 months C.T


A Massive Massive Congratulations to you, 2 years is a major quit and I am pleased you are now over the worst, I agree with a lot of people that I know that say that the year mark is a great place to reach as they say thats when they start to feel so much better and look forward to being a permanant none smoker.

Well done again, have a super weekend xx


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