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WOW! -The gym as a non-smoker is great!

Hi all - hope we're all doing well and are keeping strong in our quit.

Well its been a while coming but in an attempt to tackly my lardy arse I returned to the gym and went every day last week - and yesterday and today.

What a revelation! While my legs and muscles were, of course, aching the breathing was so different to when I went to the gym as a smoker (bit of an oxymoron there). As a smoker it felt like I was trying to get oxygen through cotton wool - now my lungs feel open and I feel like I'm getting all the air I need while exercising. It was a great feeling. Also my shoulder stood up to the exercise which is great.

Am feeling very up today and just wanted to share.

Be well!

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Forums for posting about good times too, and sounds like you've made a big breakthrough there.

something on my things to do list.. exercise :).. must.. must do that soon.

Good for you though!!! sounds like fun!


Oh yes, I know exactly what you mean:) Before I had my daughter I used to train 4 times a week, and thought I was really fit - BUT - I still smoked. The one thing I couldn't do was run, I just couldn't breathe properly and used to get this horrible taste in my mouth, all metallic - yuk:eek:

I have now been running for about a month. It was still hard at first but I'm getting there, but I find the breathing so much easier, and no horrible taste or nasty coughing wheezy fit afterwards either:D


Hey you,

You visited the gym everyday for over a week OMG, it has to be said I have never been to a gym in my life (that is blantly obvious). It must have felt so good to be working out and still be able to breath.

You sound sooo positive, we do have to keep reminding these newbies that it does get easier, it does get better and it is so worth it.

Thanks for sharing, and if you carry on like this by the time you get to the Penthouse you'll be looking good!!


this is why I love this forum so much. so much inspiration to keep you going -and the kindred spirit when we feel low. I thought that is lovely when I read your post -good on you mate -- then I saw you had smoked for 30 years or so.

that is just so good to read for the likes of me. thank you. Didnt think realistically I would ever be really active again with my chest.

but your post has made me sit up. yes I can . thanks so much for sharing that with us.

good luck -a real new you . xx:D:D:D:D


Cor - some quick replies there guys. As always - really appreciated.

Jase - get yourself there mate. I've been meaning to get back for ages - but used my shoulder as an excuse. But as soon as you go you want to go back.

Vicstar - THE COUGH!! God - I'm glad I don't have that any more. To me that really defined me a smoker - but no more. Lets keep each other and everyone else up to date with how we're doing.

Bev - hello love - good to hear from you. It may take more than a bit of exercise to look good! HA! Hey - but gonna give it a go. Can I say its really great to see you positive as well.

Skylark - Have had my moans in the passed believe me (HA!) But I feel great at the moment. Go for it!!


I used to weight train and swim all the time alongside my Ninjutsu, went the gym 5 times a week most weeks, and strangely all that stopped when i started smoking years back.. among other 'vices' ;)

Sunny weather is here tho, i shouldn't have any excuse right now, and it would be nice to get out a bit more think i'll buy some new trainers first though as i think my current pair would lap me :)


Glad to hear it A.G .

I joined a gym last may and sometimes forgot to take my patch off ......was a bit concerned about the funny looks I was getting in the changing room until I realised what they were looking at .

Anyway ...after 6 months of not smoking , my running on the treadmill became lots easier and for the first time in years ....I COULD RUN :eek:. Even better I after 1 year I can now comfortably run for half an hour without getting out of breath :D , and now the weather is better I also run some evenings 6 miles at a time as I love being in the great outdoors .

Sooooooooooooo to any newbies out there wondering .......stick with it as it definitely does get better :cool:


20 a day for 30 years

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

9 months C.T


that is the best news any newbie could hope for. ta:D:D:D:D x


Now you've got me thinking i really should join the gym but i feel nervou8s about it. :eek: i did the whole gym thing years ago, the thought of going back is just strange but... i might have too.


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