really needed a cig

hi, i am now on my third day of patches. i got up early this morning to do some gardening, when i had finished i really wanted a cig. i didn't know whether to go and buy some or not, i said to myself i'll just have a cup of tea then decide. betime i had finished my tea the craving had passed and i was so happy, now i am so glad i didn't go and buy cigs. thanks.


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  • Way to go daniel ...ure doing brilliant ..always have that 2nd thought especially early on ..well done you keep on matey ..get some choc chip boring cookies instead :D lol x

  • I am glad you didnt because if you had then every time you did something that created a trigger you would go back to smokes, remember why you have quit and then think how you would feel if you started again.

    Its not easy no one told u it would be but it sure does get easier as the weeks go on and you will feel so much healthier eventually we all promise you that, enjoy the real fresh air and the clean smell of spring x

  • thanks kitkat :)

  • yes your right jamangie i would have felt awful if i would of gone back to the cigs. i should be fine for the rest of the day now. i just find mornings difficult.


  • Get up and go for a run for 20/30 mins and you will be too knac*ered to think about smoking LOL no really loads say that the exercise has kept them smoke free and with your name Dan you are not that old so go for it, dont get dehydrated though, plenty of water and light snacks.

  • Daniel,

    that is great that you didnt cave in:)

    Know exactly how you think -oh heck-just one etc. that was my biggest downfall ever -always then smoked the rest of the pack didnt I ?

    so pleased that you didnt. Gives me strength now -when i know you didnt smoke.

    gorgeous day -enjoy the garden . must get myself out there to with my new found energy . just two weeks in!! awesome and the best incentive ever .

    hope you feel it too. xx

  • yes im 22 but im very unfit and a bit overweight so i'll try going for a long walk instead of running lol.


  • Thats not going to be a problem at 22 yes build with either half an hour walk or 2 or 3 walks a day till you get more steam up, as for the bit of weight you need to lose walking will help you do that, you can get a whole new slate and watch the food as well, my OH has lost nearly a stone since I had to lose some of the weight I put on after quit so if you need any menus to lose it pm me if you want, take care and start slow xx

  • thanks skylark, i too find strength from other peoples experience of quitting. i think this forum is great.


  • walking sounds a very good idea .we can all build up from that.

    you got a dog Daniel ?

    I borrow my sons -but he is a beagle cross -so power walking isnt his thing. just wants to sniff !!

    best go out without him. going to do what Jamangie suggests .

    not hijacking your thread I hope .:(


  • no i dont have a dog at the moment skylark i go out walking with my baby niece in the pram. and no your not hijacking my thread lol i am happy for the support i am getting.


  • well Daniel,

    we have made another day through without the smokes.:D:D

    hope tomorrow goes ok for you-especially the morning which is your devil time.

    promise I wont smoke if you dont - or Jamangie will find out and get very cross .

    do not fancy that at all.

    you take your little niece out for a walk -and I will take the ever so slow hound out.

    take care mate xx

  • Well done for riding that crave out :D. It really does get easier day by day, sure some days are worse than others, and mornings were my worst time as well! I'd start the day by rolling a fag before I could properly focus LOL!

    P.S. 2 smelly dogs here going free to a good home :rolleyes:


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