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Crikey I'm a Senior Member!!!

Hey all,

Just realised that my status has changed to a "Senior Member" ... I'm quite chuffed with that!!!!

4 months completed on the 19th May.

Keep up the good work ... you all seem like old friends to me now. I am proud of you all and grateful I found you!

To all newbies on here .. It won't necessarily be an easy ride but you have found the best family you could to support you through it .. this forum has been my strength. I may not come on in the darkest days when I am trying not to associate with smoking and it is too difficult to come on but I always know in the back of my mind that you guys are here and I can come back whenever I like.


xxxx :p

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Jodie sweetheart you are so welcome and I am glad that when you are feeling able you can come on and post your so good comments, and also join in the fun, and when you are not feeling so brilliant at least you know we will be here for you.

You have to do the same as every one else in there quits and that is to do what ever is best for you to make your quit strong and make sure you stay smoke free so you come on as and when you can, and in the meantime we will keep the wine chilled and your seat warm xxx

And also I know what you mean about being a senior member, always wonder how we slip from one to the other, so well done senior member LOL


your bus pass is in the post :)

Congrats (early) for the 19th , amazing how time passes quicker after the 3rd month.. and it just gets better.

Keep on truckin!



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