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Day 2 Champix


I am day 2 champix and a total newbie to this site (it has took me 5 minutes to work out how to post :rolleyes:

I would love to buddy up with anyone in a similar position for support.

I have had a look around the forum and found some really positive threads, after looking at the possible side effects on-line, I did wonder if I should take them and/or get hubby to hide all sharp implements!

Still smoking, but, have noticed that I am not enjoying them as much as usual.

Here is to not standing outside pubs 'fagging it', better skin, more money and being a positive role model for an 11 year old !:D


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Hi Kim

Well done you :D Taking Champix too and am on quit day 35 - know what you mean about reading up on side effects I was ready to order in a strait jacket

The one thing I will say is just relax and don't worry about whether you're still smoking or not. Give the drug time to get into your system and when you hit your quit day you'll notice what's it's done for you.

It's been a bit of a roller coaster so far but I'm feeling confident that this is it - I'm a non smoker :)

So good luck to you and keep posting and reading on here - it does help.



Hi All

I also am a newbie to this site as of this evening.....I am on day 3 with patches and inhalator not sure if I'm supposed to be using both but its seems to be helping!!

I used Zyban about 2 years ago and stopped for three months then I don't actually remember how I came to be back on the bensons but I was......but i would have liked to used that method again but was to embarrassed to go back to the doctors and admit my failings!

Well done for making a positive start..Lets defo keep it up.


Well done & welcome m33ett & Kaycee.

I didn't use champix Kaycee so can't help in that respect but I am sure it will be fine & help you on your quit.

M33ett, it's fine to use patches & another form of NRT. I have used patches & lozenges to no ill effect & has made this quit easier to cope with.

You will find loads of support here :D

Gaynor x



And thanks for a warm welcome!

@ Andrea - good to hear someone has taken it without having horrendous side effects. Congratulation 35 days!

@m33et, good luck and I hope we can offer support to each other on our journey. It is a shame that you didn't feel able to return to your GP re: Zyban, but good luck with patches and inhalator!!

@Gaynor & Bayu - thanks for the posts both, I would have felt like Billy no mates :)



You will never be billy no mates here. There is always someone around to help or just listen or just have fun. This forum is so supportive & has helped so many including me stay quit :D

Gaynor x


Hi kaycee ...hello & brilliant news with your plan to quit..really chuffed for you & gaynors rite you wont be without mates on here :)

Hi my3ett ...3 days woohoo ..brilliant xx good to hear:)


Thank you for the welcome, this site is brilliant I wish I had found it sooner. xxx


hey kaycee,

am just about to start on champix as of tomorrow morning, cant wait but also can lol. Dependant on how it affects me! If you wanna buddy up on it just let me know and we can keep each informed on how we're doing! Hope all is well!



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