Tempted when drinking alcohol????

Tempted when drinking alcohol????

Me too, sometimes anyway, but i've always held firm and said no.

However, last night I was talking to a bloke who had quit for 6 months, and he was telling me he thought he had a handle on it, and was strong enough to smoke only when he had a drink.

He started by having one or two with a beer, and guess what?

Your right, before long, he was back on it full time!

Just thought id share this story in case your ever tempted to have one with a drink after a long quit!

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  • Dead right amsie. It's happened to a lot of people, think they'll be ok with one or two, doesn't work though. One is too many and a thousand not enough. If just started a quit, a smoke will seem a better idea the more the booze flows. If that is the case, don't go overboard with the drinking till you've got the quit sussed out. Good warning amsie. David

  • Thanks for the warning. Sadly I learnt that lesson the hard way the last time I quit smoking, won't go down that route again. :o

  • Thanks for sharing. Drinking is another one of lifes evils imo.

  • The answer is simple. You cannot rewrite the laws of addiction

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