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2/3rds of the way to the penthouse!

8 months today. Pretty bloomin happy about that :D Not been around much as I am also 3 months quit drinking today and been tough so getting support for that on another quitting drinking forum. Anyway, do occasionally still pop in to see my old friends here, but the drinking quit is really tough right now so I will be focusing on getting though that for a while -

Keep it real,

Bman :)

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Well 1 addiction in check is pretty amazing i reckon for now!! you concentrate on the drinking one too and that will just leave the peanut m&m addiction.. which will be the hardest one of all :)

Take care, good luck and best wishes.



Hey bman

Well done mate 8 months is fantastic ......nice to see you again good luck.



Hi Bman,

Well done on your quit, brilliant :D

Extra well done for not drinking as well, I know that is a toughie but you show such strength I know you will get there too, you are already :D

Gaynor x


Hi Bman amazing xxxxx ure doings so well proud of you babe xxxx :)


Loud applause for you! Well done, look in occasionally and good luck on both quits x


Well done, 8 months is terrific, I wish you success with all you are doing.



Well done BMan :) 8 months is awesome !

Best wishes Trev


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