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What a difference a day makes!! Day 6

Morning All..

What a wonderful morning.. dont feel grumpy or anything.

Had a great nights sleep ( i really needed it)

Still going to keep busy so the little demon dont rear his head.

Got washing blowing on the line already and yes need to hit the ironing yet again never ending in my house. :eek:

Hope everyone else is feeling fine and dandy?


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Morning Snow,

Glad you got some sleep & are feeling better today. You sound as sunny as the weather ;)

Have a great smoke free day, first week nearly done :D

Gaynor x


Good morning Gaynor xx

Cant believe i will be hitting a week :eek:

Totally both shocked and proud of myself *cheeky grin*



well done snow!! On day 7 myself and feeling a very proud:D

Glad you are having such a great day, it makes things that little bit easier



Wa hay!

Brilliant. Well done for getting through the first week and feeling bright and breezy as you go. The weather really does help, doesn't it. It gorgeous here in london today... I almost skipped out of bed this morning.

Have lovely Tuesdays X


gorgeous here too. Glad everyone is feeling SO much better and coming to terms with it all.


Im glad you are feeling so good today :)

Nearly a week now so well done :D

Kaylie x


argghhh having a bad moment :(

Was having a lovely day, but was talking to neighbour just now who i havent seen for a few weeks and she was asking about my brother and now i am so emotional again.

I miss him so much it hurts like crazy.. i want him back..he should have never had died... LIFE IS A ........ :mad:

sorry totally off topic i know...... xx

So glad no cigs are in my house else i would have definately grabbed one!!!!


Hang on in there snow as hard as it is . If i can do it anyone can .

Iv noticed all my posts are moan moan and moan .but i feel better when i put it on hear .The crave goes ????? chin up snow keep posting .



hi snowy

funny, ive noticed that m y days can start fab and end up awful or start awful and end up great. Iyt's just a roller coaster of emotions really. :rolleyes:


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