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Is there room for one more?

Can I squeeze in here today, there seems to be plenty of us joining lately but i'm hoping there's room for one more!

Two months have passed and I have to say I feel absolutely fantastic. Really chuffed.

The not smoking has coincided with not drinking anymore also, and the combination of the two has left me feeling like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I had the same habits and routines (and lets face it, they weren't very healthy ones) for so long, and to shake them off has left me feeling brand new. I used to think that smoking and having a couple of glasses of wine every night helped me relax, i'd done it for more or less 10 years, it is what I did. In fact, I have never felt more relaxed with myself as I am now.

I give my thanks to all who have offered advice and made me laugh in this forum. I really do feel that you guys have been very instrumental in my success and for that I am grateful.

Never thought I would be thinking this 6 weeks ago, I hope this feeling lasts and lasts. Gonna go now before I get teary :o

Lorraine :)

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Ha ha yeah Lozza I can relate to your post, I too used to put smoking & drinking hand in hand, and now find I dont hardly drink at all. Only cos if I have to many feel even after a year I may want to smoke, so do not risk it. Which is good really, as had some very mad nights in the past.... (lol) Kaz :p


Hi Lorraine,

I too have gatecrashed this forum .. month 2 was getting crowded anyway ;)

I'd like to echo your post. This forum has been amazing for me. Whenever I need a pat on the back its been there for me. Whenever I need reassurance its been there too. I hope too that my posts have helped others. I sometimes go up to a week without posting (as I rarely turn my computer on when working early shifts) but when I return everyone its still here. Great.

I too have cut back on the wine intake. Feels good eh? I even seem to be sleeping better. I cut back as smoking and drinking went hand in hand. Or so I thought!!!!

I even found myself drinking mint tea the other night .... :eek: God I sound like a health freak ... i'm really not! :p

Well done you x


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