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118 days and a Happy Sunday

Ahhhh Happy Sunday!!!

Roast Lamb in the oven, happily Sundayifying itself! Mmmmm!!!

118 days on the ole quit'o'meter..... soon to be moving up a month.... *dribble*

I've been finding it a little emotional of late, which i'm hoping will pass very soon. Moods lifted tremendously with the happy onset of sunshine! Yippee!!! :D

I Hope all of my delicious friends are more than fabulous with their quits!!!!

Big Happy Fresh Smelling Hugs xxxxxx

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Happy Sunday to you and lovely to see you totally barking again...just the way we love you.

118 days wow....158 for me....thats huge....

enjoy the favourite..xx


Thanks Princess Lorna!

Your a star Lorna!!

Thanks lots for your support and fabulousness!!!!!


Big Hugs xxxxxxxxx


Hiya Zozie sweetness, wow 118 days is just fabulous, so well done you, this delicious friend is more than fabulous with her quit, thank you very kindly.

The smell of roast lamb cooking in the oven always lifts my spirits too sweetie, hey, cross that out, the smell of anything cooking in the oven lifts my spirits BOING ZING BOINGINGNESS. XXXX :):)

Enjoy your Sunday roast Zo xxxx


Hi Zozie

Good to hear your moods lifted with the sunshine. It certainly helps doesn't it!

I spent a good half of the day preparing and digging in sheep shite into my veg plots which are situated in a sun trap and pruning back some Hawthorne.

Ache like mad now and didn't miss the smokes whilst sitting admiring my work now and then whilst taking a break with a cup of coffee.:)

Hope your roast went down a treat.

Pol x


Hi Zoziezieziezieziezie

Congratulations on your progress! Roast lamb's a good choice (my favourite actually);I had to make do with chicken...was bloomin' lovely though (I cooked it after all :D)



:DHullo There Viv/Pol & Stav

Thanks for reading and posting on my Sunday meanderings, sprinkled with a nice dose of waffle salt.;o)

The Lamb Roast was super perfect and most tasty… my favourite too out of the roast options, but more treat worthy rather than a weekly mission I have to say!!! ;o)

Mmmm gardening eh?

I’ve yet to sow my carrots and tomatoes, should really get on with it tbh! Otherwise it’ll be too late… I have however managed to do a strorm with bedding spring flowers, pansies (beaaaautiful smiley faced flowers, love em) and other assorted members of the bluebell family and daffs etc…. Sorted my hanging baskets out at the front. (live on a terraced street and theres a few dedicated hanging basket folk to brighten up the place) They’re more fushias and trailing geraniums and the like…. Cant wait to see what they look like… only got interested in the gardening lark, growing foodstuffs last year, so a newbie…. Keeps my hands busy and away from the baccy! ;o)

Big love to all




Hello there - and a bug congrats on your (now) 119 days. Well done.

A bloody mary and roast beef yesterday for me - yum!

Now a sunny monday and a new week - feeling a bit tip top adn its a Monday! Almost unheard of.

Love your messages btw.

Have a good un.



Boing Boing AG!

Hey there AG!!!

Thanks fer your congrats…. Just a small step into month 4 tomorrow… yippeeee!!!

How long til it’s a 3rd of a year? May investigate that one ;o)

Mmmm Roast Beef eh? Delicious also!!!

I’ve not had that for aaages… may be a Sunday dinner investment….

Rather looking forward to the start of the F1 season…. Le Countdown Commences!

Hope your doing hugely well fella?



Hi Zozie

Sorry I am late to your party, but WELL DONE YOU. You are a complete and utter star.

You can have a glass of my wine but do not tell the others:)


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