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No Smoking Day
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Day 19- feeling a little terrified!!help

:confused:Hi all, i need a little help with a situation im in. My sister is having a party this weekend at a pub to celebrate her 34th birthday. I quit drinking Jan 24th so that i would prepare myself to quit smoking. (i smoke tons when i drink atleast 2 packs in about 4 hours) So i dropped the alcohol and then the cigs on Feb 12. and havent picked up either one since then. I know there will be loads of drinking and cigs. Now, WHY do i feel so scared? I would like to have a drink but not sure if im strong enough not smoke when I drink. Should i skip my sisters Birthday party? Im really stuck and dont know what i should do??? Someone HELP!!! Oh I hope all of you are doing well. Sorry for rambling..:eek:

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Well done on your quit & giving booze a wide birth as well. Wish I could LOL.

Don't miss the party, that would be such a shame. If you really don't think you can manage booze & not smoking stick to soft drinks, drive maybe? No choice then! Soft drinks not appealing? Don't drink too much or intersperse with a soft drink or water.

I found the thought of drinking & not smoking far worse then it turned out to be ;)

Go enjoy yourself & don't give the nicodemon any headspace :p

Gaynor x


Hi Zan, I know we are not really in a position to say how you feel, but one thing I would say is you cannot let the evil stinking Nicodemon stop you going to your sisters Birthday, that is not an option.

So what you have to do is now decide do you have a drink or not and that is dependent on whether you think you are strong enough to have a drink and then not to smoke if the answer is no you are not strong enough to drink and not smoke then you have to drink fruit juice and enjoy yourself any way, and you will I promise alcohol is not a lifter it is a depressant and you will wake in the morning feeling like shi* after a skinful so no contest.

The most important thing is to stay smoke free, I think when you start to smell the smokers it will be no contest, so go and have a great night and no worries you will be fine. let me know how you get on xx


I'm with the other two, don't miss the party, if u miss it, you're still being controlled by nicotine, just in a different way. You just think about how you want to play the booze aspect. At home i'm still having a glass or 2 of wine as however much i crave, once I've had a drink, I can't get out to buy cigs. Socially, I'm having to play it much more carefully, just a couple of drinks, staggered with soft drinks, enjoy

Pols xxx


Thank you!

Thanks to all of you for your support. I thought about it and read your post. All of you are so RIGHT. I control me not the cigs. I am no longer a slave to them and will not let them limit me to what I can and cannot do. Im going to that party and Im going to have a great time.....:p I have never really been a wine drinker. just awful beer. Maybe it will be different with a glass of wine and nothing more. Yes. That sounds good.

P.S. I work in a office with two woman who are heavy smokers. Forgive me if I am being too blunt, but, WOW IF THATS HOW I USED TO SMELL!! YUK!THANK GOODNESS I QUIT...;) Again thanks for your help. You just turned my whole day around...


Hey you... I quit on Feb 13th as well.... last year though! Tell you it was the best decision I ever made.... you stay strong, okay! There are many associations with smoking you will have to learn to break and time will do that.... in the meantime, enjoy the party, cause if you want to quit the fags then even a few drinks won't change that!


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