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Think I got a compliment from the OH

Yesterday (day 15) was horrible :mad:- I stopped craving a ciggie but instead found myself wanting a ciggie because the brain was playing tricks that I was being denied something. Don't know if anyone else has experienced this - it was weird.

Anyway I told my OH (who still smokes) and for the first time he said I was doing well. He admitted he thought I'd give up after a week or would wait until I was stressed at work and then reach for the ciggies. Will take it as a compliment...

So today new positive mental attitude. I don't smoke, yes I'm using patches but I don't want to smoke. It's day 16, in five days time I'll be onto my fourth box of patches and half way through stage 1 treatment.

I can do this...

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Kind of a compliment!!

Hi Trikeschick,

I still think it's amazing that you can give up when your OH hasn't -so well done on that front alone!!!

I think it's kind of good when people say "i thought you wouldn't last this long" - it makes me more determined to prove that i can do it!!

I am having those feelings lately - not so much "i will kill someone if i don't have a cigarette", but more of a "i used to have a cigarette about now and i want one" - each feeling doesn't last that long though, and I am thinking to myself that I have gone 18 days so I should just shut up and forget about it!!

I had an email from my mum this morning that said, well done, you've cracked that habit. Well no, i haven't yet - you don't just forget about them that easily. But haven't replied yet, needed to calm down first!!

Anyway, i don't seem to be doing much work lately, spending far too much time on here!!

I won't smoke today.



I'm so sorry you had a ad day yesterday hun and hope today is better


Hi trikeschick

Good for you, that's one in the eye for your OH! Hopefully that will make you more determined to carry on, and you never know, might make him think about quitting too!

As I have mentioned (or moaned about) in previous posts, mine hasn't been exactly supportive either - just think how strong we must be if we can keep going despite that. :)

And don't knock yourself for using the patches - yes they take the edge off, but you do still need the willpower as well.

You're doing great - bask in the glory you've created and I'm sure he'll be giving you some more grudging compliments before long! :D

Lottie x


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