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Day 8...start of week 2

Hi all..

Well week 2 is here...feel like I'm a bit nearer to the top of the mountain that I feel I am climbing...

Each day is gettin that little bit easier...the hardest part of the day I find is the mornings..and its a bit stressfull, before the youngest goes to school, also I am finding now that I dont need a lozenger as soon as I get up...but its still within the first hour.

My sense of smell has come back big time...loads of different smells all wafting up my nose at the same into town yesterday..and I could smell, and loads of other stuff...coming out from all the was amazing

My taste is coming back slowly also...and food is starting to taste nicer, and more enjoyable....

I know I still have a long way to go, and with dealing with the menopause as well, its not going to be easy...but I seem to have reached a point in my life where I just seem more determined than ever to do it...

I have also been watching celebrity quitters..and that helps, also surfing the net...

Well sorry for rambling...

smoked 25 to 30 a day

for 36yrs

quit date 17 .02 .10

lozengers...this forum..and will power.

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Doing great, Lindylou :)

It's fantastice to have ones senses re-opened and taste and smell various things anew. Having said that, there can be some tastes and smells that we may wish to avoid...I'm thinking of ciggys!!

You seem to be doing yourself great favours by having the attitude you show and reading up in the links.

Don't dare be sorry for aren't and the posts you write don't reflect rambling whatsoever. Talking about rambling...that hill you are climbing will hopefully soon feel as though it's levelling out ;)

Have a great day,



Congratulations, Lindylou. I think a positive attitude makes all the difference. Keep climbing, it is worth it. :)


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