No Smoking Day
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My Day 1 x

Well I have definately struggled today :(

I got up didnt really think about wanting a cig.. but as the day wore on I did find it hard.. but didnt n wont give in! It's after 6pm here now and my last cig was at 11pm last night!

im chuffed ive got this far but ...

I feel awful.. my head feels heavy n woozy n tbh because of this have felt giving in but i've not!

woooooo hooooo go me for nearly finishing day one smoke free!!!

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Thats just fab Hun ... you've taken the first step!!

Well Done you on DAY ONE ... you should be proud!!




hi anna Brilliant youve done great.. day 1 almost over. A journey you will not regret for a minute xx keep going & keep posting


Anna, fantastic the first step is done, very nearly a whole 24 hours as a non smoker, in a few hours you will be able to move to the day 2 room all very exciting, keep going, keep posting, keep reading.

A huge well done to you.


Brilliant and well done...

Keep up the good work..xx


Well done on completing day 1 Anna. Hang in there, one day at a time, days turn into weeks then into months.

Lorraine :)


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