1 year smoke free

Hi there, long time no see or read...lol...how is everyone doing?

Haven't been on for a while, and it is nice to see that the DFS Feb 09 club is going strong.

Can't believe how time flew by, one whole year and life is great being smoke free and many more years to come.

Congrats to all who have quit and stayed quit and good luck to those who are starting out. To tell you the truth looking back it wasn't really that hard. When you get yourself into the right frame of mind and say today is the day I am going to quit, that is the bigest hurdle to get over.

I am not going to rant on and on, I just want to thank this forum for all the help and support you have given me, and I will be dropping in now and again to see how everyone is getting on.

All the very best to you all



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    We have been waiting for you. Its been a while! Well done to you Eileen. BIG CONGRATULATIONS!!! xxxxx

  • Congrats Eileen :)

    Official member of the 1 year penthouse club.


  • Bloody great Eileen, I knew you'd turn up, time does fly doesn't it when you're enjoying yourself. David. xxx

  • Great to hear from you and big Well Done Eileen, chalking up your whole year, brilliant.


  • Congratulations, Eileen!! Most excellent to see another Feber get into the Penthouse! Well done on your 1 year!!! Bella xxx

  • Big Squeezeee Hugs Eileen!

    Great to see you here and great to know you have joined us in the penthouse.



  • Thank you all and a very well done to you too!!!


  • Well Done Eileen

    Fantastic news to hear that you have made it all the way to the penthouse.:D Well done on your wonderful achievement ! X

    Regards Trev

    20 a day for 30 years :eek:.

    Quit 28th april 09:)

    3 months patches

    almost 7 months C.T

  • Well done to you eileen, i think folk worried as you hadn't posted for so long, so its nice to see you actually did this !!!

    nice going. Good on yer.

  • Terrific

    Congratulations! It is great to see people posting about reaching 1 year.:)

  • CONGRATULATIONS, Eileen! 1 year smoke free! Welcome to the penthouse. Jody

  • Hi Eileen :D

    Sorry I'm a little late hun but

    i544.photobucket.com/albums... and welcome to the penthouse


    marg xx

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