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I seem to have brought the snow back with me, sorry guys, I should have brought my skis back too!

Well, so I have just had my first smoke free holiday for a very, very long time :D. There was motive and opportunity but I did not wavier. The skiing was excellent the weather was brill, however I had a stinking cold for most of the time we were there :(.

We got back very late last night and I am now surrounding by washing, so just going to work my way through it all, don't you just love holidays:eek:

Not really feeling that good still got a terrible cold, however the upside is of course I don't really feel like going out in thick snow to buy fags, there is my silver lining.

Hopefully I will feel brighter tomorrow.

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Glad the holiday was good on all counts. Sometimes don't you wish the baggage go lost by the airline, just for a day or two when you get home!

Give yourself some tlc to kick the cold into touch, the washing will wait.

Put your feet up for a bit now and get some honey and lemon, or they do say (don't ask me who) that a hot curry does wonders for a cold!

Take care,

Lorraine :)


Really pleased it all went well for you and you had a great smoke-free holiday.

Wishing you all the best.



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