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OOOOOOOO I was going to wait till the 11th March to post - it'll be a year then, but i'm soooo excited and pleased with myself that I just couldnt!!!! We are fast approaching No Smoking Day 2010, what a wonderful day that will be for a lot of people. I was so glad I picked that day, I felt like I wasnt alone in my quest and had lots of support from people at all stages of the process. I don't think its easy to do it alone and you are not alone if you use the support and info available here.:D


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Fantastic, Angela....:)

No reason not to get a bit of practice celebrating in whilst you can. have a reason to celebrate...11 Months+



Hey Angela,

Great to see you, and doing so well. Just the last few days and the key to the penthouse will be yours!

Fabulous stuff.


Well done Angela

Hi Angela , what a fantastic achievement........well done you !:)

Enjoy every minute of your last few weeks before checking in at the penthouse suite . Enjoy your stay for you truly deserve to to be there.

Best wishes


20 a day for 30 years

quit 28th april 09 ( 300 days ago today):D

3 months patches

almost 7 months C.T


won't be long at all now, this month is a short month too, so march 11th will be with you b4 you know it.

Congratulations on 11+ months, but i think the bigger party will be on your 1 year for sure.

Well done :)

Do you remember this person Angela?

I'm buzzing with myself that I've done four days werhooooo!!!!!!!!!!:) I've had a bit of a do with my chap aswell which wouldve had me reaching for the ciggies before but i'm just not going to do it. It's given me a bit of a headache with the craving but i'm fed up of not seeing things through. My family are giving me the welldones but I think they are thinking that here she goes again type thing but im feeling a bit stubborn and hoping to make them proud!(and of course myself). This forum is great, thats why I wanted to stop on no smoking day so that I would be doing this alongside many others. Having smoked for 20 years from the age of 15, I thought it was time especially since i've been on steroids twice this year with bronchitis. I have 2 kids under 5 who dont need me gasping especially since my son had chronic lung disease and was on oxygen for 3 years, I need to set an example. Thats my piece for today, hope i feel as strong tomorrow- i've found that going for walks has helped, need to keep busy!! All the best everybody with your mission xx:p


It does get very exciting as we come close to the year, well done you, you are a winner.



Yep. Here come all the marchers! Brace yourselves penthousers!! Well done and see you in there soon! xx


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