Day 3

Hi all..

Well I am coming to the end of day 3, and it has been horrendous...hubby has been great, and very supportive...

I did notice tonight, when preparing dinner...I could smell the lettuce and something good is definatley starting to happen...

Hopefully tomorrow will be better...

25 to 30 a day

smoked for 36 yrs

last smoked 16 02 10

lozengers...will power, and this forum

never want to smoke again...

5 Replies

  • it will

    it will be lindylou just you see.... xx


  • the way, I joined ur group...

  • yep just added you lindy..:D

  • thank you...xx

  • Hi Lindy :)

    Sorry yesterday was horrendous and hope today is easier for you


    Marg xx

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