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When does it get easier???


I'm new here but stopped smoking with Champix and have been smoke free since 24/11/09. Some days I feel as if I've really overcome the addiction and hardly even think about cigarettes, yet other days its all I can think about. Thought that by the time I got to this stage of quitting, it would be a bit easier than this! Also, worrying that these bad days seem to be happening too frequently at the moment. Does anyone else feel like this? :confused:

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Welcome and well done stopping smoking.

I remember feeling exactly the same as you at the three months mark, I wondered when I would be 'me again'. Well the good folks here told me to read loads about the addiction to nicotine and as many posts as I could. I followed the ideas and found that indeed reading helped me to distract from the feelings I was having and concentrate on something else. The info told me what was happening to me and why, so I suggest you give that a try. There are loads of websites in my signature, read as much as you can to educate yourself and this will help you to stay stopped.

Don't be alone on the journey it can be difficult that way, join us often, enjoy the experience and have some fun too.



I think you are probably experiencing what we refer to as the terrible 3's?

Day 3, Week 3 and then month 3.. Not everyone has a rougher time in the 3rd month, but alot do. I did and alot of folk on here can probably say the same.

For me it wasn't the entire month, no no.. not by any means, there just seemed to be days where stress was unusually high and with that the cravings seemed more intense too than normal.

Check how many months i've been quit now though? well beyond month 3.. and all because i recognised it to be the 'terrible 3's and i simply just threw more effort and determination at it.

I know its not pleasant, and you just want the time to relax a bit more now but just hang in there and read up as much as you can to gain advice on coping right now.

I've put some good links in my signature which are well worth the read and the sites they link to have mountains of good reading material which may help you right now too.

You'll do this, and i wish you luck.



Hi Gemsie. Well done on getting so far in your quit and welcome. I think lots of us have found it difficult around months 3-4 and we've all wobbled a bit a some point. I know exactly what you're going through - after being very sorted I started craving again at 3 months. It's still there but I'm just ignoring it and hoping it will go away, which I'm sure it will.:confused:

The social group De Novos is for people who quit in Nov 2009, just like you. I find reading stuff on this forum and trying to support others helps most. Also, hang around and you'll make lots of new buddies who will help.:)


Follow me down the road bordered with clean ash trays

Hi Gem

Sorry to hear you are struggling at month three as all have said befor its the three's.

I was lucky I sailed through the beginning of my quit, probably because OH and I had the lurgy, but 3 weeks was like hitting a brick wall and I will never start smoking again because I wouldnt be able to do that episode again,

So its either smoke again for rest of my life or stay quit for rest of my life and as I know that if I smoke again the rest of my life will be shorter and a lot less sweeter Lol

But so pleased you have joined the No Smoking Family you will get lots of support whether you are on week, month or year one quit we are all in the same position doing our best to stay none smokers.

May all your smokes be in the past and all your days be happy x



Hello there - and welcome to the board.

Firstly congratulations on getting so far. What you're going through sounds exactly what I was like (and Jase - as he has said) so this is a "normal" part of the quit - just not a very pleasant one. It all seems to be so amplified around the 3 months. Its just one of those phases where you've got to dig your heels in and get through it.

Read the posts on here - loads have people have posted great messages that can help. Being forwarned is being forarmed and you will be prepared for what is coming - it got me through - adn many others.

Good luck - and post here if you get eh wobbles.




hi Gems

I am at same place as you, 26th Nov was my stop day. it halps coming on here as everyone is so supportive.... I get good and bad days and feel just same as you. keep strong we can do it xx


Well done on stopping.

The great thing about coming on here is finding out how many are going through the same as you or me or us. I quit 2nd Dec 09 about the same time as you and believe it or not I'm going through the same things. Bad day and good days, I don't want to smoke and I will not smoke. So the fact that you have posted on here that you are going through what I'm going through not only helps you to know but it helps me and others to know we are all dealing with the same problem.

I don't know about you but I can control it now and I'm sure you can too. They say if you ignore something long enough it will go away. Hold on and we'll all get there.



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