No Smoking Day
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the oppoisite sex

Apart from all the obvious ones money health etc, I split up with my partner about four months ago, when I look back now all my relationships have been with smokers (makes giving up ten times more challanging), anyhows went on a dating site not signed up or anything just being nosey more than anything. One of the questions was about your match and would you date someone who smokes was amazed to see 60-75% of people wouldn't even consider it, when you weigh it up thats a hell of a lot of potential partners put right off before you even start, thats not my main reason for giving up but if you are single and smoke your potentially puuting of 3/4 of all potential partners:eek: just a bit of food for thought.


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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh to be allowed Chocolat

Was that male or female or both and must admit I wouldnt go with a smoker as they smell LOL I know how dare I say that being an X smokers.

I will tell you why I can say that its because even as a smoker I didnt like men who smoke and especially if they smoke ready mades as they are worse.

But if you Love some one dont suppose it matters and if you have stopped it doesnt matter either you are a non smoker now.


I only looked from a male prespective looking at females but would assume its about the same both ways.


So you see every one is going smoke free and now we wont be in the minority LOL


I'd not go out with me if I was a smoker. Thankfully I'm not so I can take myself out at will without having to worry about arguing with myself.


Is weird...I never noticed how smokers smell, when i smoked...(cos i had NOOO sense of smell) But the smell of baccy has never bothered me greatly anyway. I don't think i'd wanna go out with a smoker now...Not healthy is it? Plus i might nick one of their fags..


No you wouldn't Jude, you don't smoke doh!!


Dating website

Er actually I am on a dating website;) ......and yes it is true there are a lot of people out there that do NOT want to date a smoker.

Being as I am NOW a non smoker that is GREAT......means more for me tee hee :p

Trev 20 a day 30 years :eek:

Quit 28th april 09

3 months patches

6 months Cold Turkey:cool:


How vain am I

That this is one of my reasons for quitting. I'm getting divorced now (from a smoker) and want to open up the dating pool as much as possible.

It's really funny that the vanity reasons hit home so much more than the health reasons, although they are intertwined. I know it can kill me but I really don't care.... my teeth being yellow, now that pisses me off. :D


Def my children. My ds(4) asked me "Mummy why do you have to smoke" with his gorgeous puppy eyes and that was it. I do not want a lecture from my son ever again. :)

And of course extra money be handy etc

If only could get my partner to quit I'd be away with it but...

I still have a long long road ahead of me but I want to get clean lol


Not as young as I used to be and old enough to no better. Today is the first day of no smoking. eeek!


grats mate.


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