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Madcatwoman moves to Month 5

After consulting the clipboard which has been (sort of) left temporarily for general viewing, not swiping, I have read the following notes and am pleased, nay proud, to announce :)

Madcatwoman...this lady loves cats, a badminton and cross trainer champion and not only has the willpower to stop smoking but is loosing weight and entering into the whole health lifestyle.

Much respect and hugs to you MCW :D

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Congratulations, a whole 4 months is terrific.



oh congrats on 4 months done and put away.. pretty good time for you right now quit wise, through the awful bit, into the more relaxed bit, the rest is down to practice and continued practice, soon enough it becomes natural again.

nicely done!



CONGRATS, Madcatwoman! 4 months done. Keep going strong! Jody


well done mcw! :d


Ooooo yep 4 months - so it is! Yaaaaay go me! :D:D:D

I might need to cut down on this healthy lifestyle stuff - I did a work-out on the Wii last night (I treated myself to EA Active as everywhere was sold out of Wii Fit) and now my legs are KILLING!

I have to attempt to play badminton tonight (first time for 2 weeks due to me having man-flu then MadCatMan being a cripple last week!) and I can't even walk lol!


I bet it feels good A very well done.:cool:

Jack x


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