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Day 10

This is my first post so be gentle with me :D

Im on day 10 in the no-smoking house and to be honest I think Im doing OK, the first week was the worst, I felt very emotional and had a knot in my chest that I can only describe it as; I felt like I'd suffered the biggest heartbreaking bereavement than you could ever imagine! However I seem to be compensating for this by having a huge wake!!! My OH is not very impressed as we go out to the pub 4 nights a week and since I haven't smoked I've been spectacularly pisspotical on each and every occasion!!(not that I remember ) I have always been a beer monster ( i have a couple of drinks before I go to bed if I haven't been out) but I seem to be substituting the nicotine with alcohol, Will this pass??? Or will I end up on the library square drinking special brew and growing dreadlocks???? Your wisdom and experience will be appreciated.


PS don't tell me to give up the beer as well thats just going too far x

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Hi kath and welcome to the forum, no I can safely say I have not give up drinking, cheers, however it may well weaken your resolve at some stage so just be aware.

Day 10 is really fantastic. You must be so proud, are you doing this cold turkey or nrt or some other method, it matters not really it will just help people give you the right advice.

I am sure lots of other will be along to offer their support, stay strong and positive well done again.


Hi there- I'm two days behind you, so not sure I'm full of wisdom and experience. But I had to say hi as your comment about stopping drinking too being a step too far sounds sooo like me! I had planned to give up drinking for a month when I gave up smoking (hence I gave up on Feb 1st- shortest month!) because of the booze/smoking association and because alcohol lends a hand in that "oh stuff it, I'll just have 1" kind of thinking. BUT- I came to the conclusion, that if I stopped having a glass (or 3) of wine after a stressy day that I would end up resenting not smoking so much I'd start again.

Are you drinking more or just getting drunk more easily? I would say as long as you're not getting so sozzled you can't get to work, or starting on the shots at 10am, not to worry about it too much. My view is, the drinking goes up a bit, some weight is piled on- they are little things compared to not smoking, and can be dealt with further down the line once thru the worst of ditching the cigs

Pol xxx


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