No Smoking Day
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C'mon everybody!!!!


I'm bored, and need exercise... not any old exercise.. some fun stuff.... that doesn't involve going outside and slipping over...


its nice and warm in here, i've just popped another log on t'fire... :D

Who's for a cheerful Conga around the room.... i'll start off...

dont be shy now...


Daaaa dada dada da daaaaaa.......

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What have I told you Novo quitters about drinking the home brew in month 3.

Oh well I may as well join in....daaaaa dada..

Oh dear my wobbly bits are wobbling!:p daaaa dada

Mad I tell you, mad


dadadedadadada....kicks leg and splits trousers

The home brew is much better than the smoothies in month 4..


ooh I like this month 3 room and I'm sure I'lll get used to the home brew. The music sounds more like the chicken dance. nanna nanna nanna na, nanna nanna nanna na, nanna nanna nanna na na na na


Uh, hmph. Wassallthatnoise??!! I'd dozed off to sleep in the corner. Nice to see you all in here. I. Better get off my fat bum & join in. Waheyyy


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