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Day 6 - out of prison!

Day 6 and feeling in control. I've been thinking of all the lies I used to feed myself and what the actual truth is and I may type it all out and keep it to remind myself in the future.

I have so much more energy now that I dont get as breathless - in a way its like being let out of prison!

Hope everyone else is doing well, look forward to reading all your posts. Love Vivienne. x

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Well done Vivienne it's great to hear new people being so positive. Keep up the good work, read as much as you can it will all help to move you along each day. I remember how special it felt to get the hours done at first, then it was the days, then the weeks and so it progresses.

Best wishes.



Hi Vivienne :D

Well done almost a week for you now that's great

I'm pleased to hear that already you're beginning to feel the benefits of stopping and I love the way you describe it as being let out of prison and you're right as we all travel this road to freedom from addiction


Marg xx


Very well done girl your doing fab and almost on week two. You go girl.xxxxxx


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