withdrawal caused by not smoking?


this realisation hit mehaving read this

"you cannot blame an hangover on not drinking.Drinking causes it. You cannot blame indigestion on not eating. eating causes it. You cannot blame smoking withdrawal on not smoking. Smoking causes it"

if you get withdrawal it is because you smoked. So to end the feeling you want to smoke again?

the times I have done that:confused:

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  • Sometimes things that are boiled down to the barest are the most profound. If you don't smoke you won't have withdrawal. Brilliant.

  • Hi Potty :D

    How very true that is and neatly put into a nutshell so to speak


    Marg xx

  • that make perfect sense keep up the hard work


  • cheers folks. we all have to challenge a lot of myths(especially our own) in order to prepare well:)

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