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DAY 7. Umpah lumpah stick it up your jumper!

Wahey Day 7. Over and done with, feel really pleased. Just started reading Allen Carr too. Managed to drive to and from work ok (I used to find it really stressful), so I'm very happy. My hubby's cooked a great pork chop, mash and veggies tea for us tonight and I'm looking forward to actually tasting it. Well done deedeebel and wildcats and everyone else too. Lisa X

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Brilliant thread title! Glad the drive was ok, and Allen Carr is great to read- I like the idea of 'escaping' nicotine addiction, very positive.

Enjoy the dinner, sounds yum, and well done on getting to day 7!


Hi Lisa :D

WOW day 8 already well done you the first week done and dusted

Glad the drive to work was OK and hope you enjoyed the meal


Marg xx


Umpah lumpah stick it up your jumper! :D:D

Well done Lisa you are doing a fantastic job, keep it up my love.


Lisa, I love your thread title too, made me smile and want to see what it was all about. Congratulations on reaching a week, thats fantastic, looking foward to joining you soon. Will be looking out for more great thread titles from you. with love, Vivienne. xx :)



Well done all...this is my day 7, and it has to be better than day

6 :p...enjoy your days

Six days, 10 hours, 20 minutes and 43 seconds. 128 cigarettes not smoked, saving $27.68. Life saved: 10 hours, 40 minutes.


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