What would you do?

Hello you all!

I was wondering if any of you on Zyban or Champix has thought about stopping treatment half way through?

Due to the side effects I want to give them up, I am quite confident that I won't start smoking since my partner smokes in front of me all the time and I never think anything of it. I also have a wooden box in front of me on the coffee table full of tabacco and paper (to roll) and never ever thought for a second to do one. I feel like if Zyban have deleted from my memory that I used to smoke, weird but that's how I feel.

But part of me is saying that I should finish the course (7-9 weeks). I am on my 5th week on Zyban and tomorrow I start my 4th week as a no smoker.

Questions, questions... I am sure willpower has plenty to do as well, and I am willing to give it a go without the tablets but I am a bit wary at the same time... any tips??

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  • Hi Lolito :D

    If the side effects are making you feel really bad why not give it a go without them and see what happens keep some by you though don't bin them straight away then you can always go back on them if you need to

    I used champix which as you know works in the same way and I stopped in my 7th no smoking week but I had been forgetting them for 2/3 days at a time from around the point you're at now and I never wanted to smoke after I stopped them

    Hope that helps you


    Marg xx

  • Thanks Margaret, very encouraging! I am very confused really, part of me thinks that if I make it to week 8 or 9 or even 12, then the more successful it will be. But then I hear stories like yours and I change my mind... to be honest I have tried to stop smoking many times but I have never been 'this' successful before, I have no cravings at all! the only thing that worries me is the 'what if I give up the tablets too early', etc.

    In saying that, my GP said that if I can't keep on with Zyban he would more than happy to prescribe Champix (which friends have used recently and had no side effects).... he actually said that I could stop Zyban today and start Champix tomorrow... I thought I would have to start the course again and in the same manner as with Zyban.

    Ok.. give me a few more hours to decide, I have already taken the one for today, so I might as well take the rest of the day to figure out what the hell I want!!

    Kiss Kiss

  • Hi Lolito :D

    Glad to have been of some help to you and yes I know where you're coming from which was why I said to keep them by you if you decided to try without them

    My Son used champix as well and he told me what I have told you as he stopped early as well for the same reason but a couple of weeks earlier than I did

    I'm also alittle suprised that your Doc said that like you I thought you'd have to start the course from scratch but of course they work in exactly the same way which is maybe why you can do that if you want to

    Take your time over this OK and I'll be here till around 6 if you want to talk some more and will keep a lookout for you here


    Marg xx

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