No Smoking Day
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I've decided to give quitting smoking another attempt. I was going to do this a couple of days ago but my dad couldn't stand seeing how "miserable" I was and decided to go out and get me a big box of cancersticks. Thanks dad!

I'm nearly 17hours into my first day and I've managed to run about 10mins and be completely breathless, actually had a pit in my stomach that made me feel the urge to throw up. Don't think ill go for a run again soon! maybe i'll do some walking ;)


wishing everyone else on day 1 good luck!

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Just think. In a few days you might be able to run 10 mins without smoking...

Think about why you can't run and try running every day to see if it gets better. I reckon it will.

You sound negative but its just the bad fag man on your shoulder. Brush him away, get your ipod on and walk or run to stay away from him.

Smoking is sh!t and it'll kill you. Ask your dad if he wants you to die. He'll probably (hopefully!) say no. Then tell him to put up with the mood swings and never buy you a packet of fags again.

Take care, one day at a time and just try to chill a bit. You will live without them and I went cold turkey and I was the girl from hell for a while but it does pass.

Keep going.


Keep going Alex - I'm on day 1 too and its really hard! I've just baked a load of gingerbread men to take my mind off it!! :)


Good luck on your quit Alex..

We,re a friendly bunch on here so post often, it really helps with the cravings.

The decision to stop is the hardest me stay strong and you will be racking up the days/weeks/months before you know it.



Hi Alex :D

Welcome back and well done deciding to restart your quit

Good old Dad eh doesn't like to see you miserable but hope he doesn't do it again


Marg xx


Hi Alex

I hope you have made it this far - if so then that's day one just about done! And well done.

I know it makes you a bit miserable, grumpy and difficult to live with but that's not so bad is it? It isn't painful, it's not life-threatening, it's just annoying.

Just have some patience with your self, you have trained your brain to expect a cigarette at very regular intervals, you now have to re-train it! That will take a week or so - just stick with it and post on here whenever you can.:D


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